As part of the first edition of the AFA Online Film Festival, we invite you to participate in the AFA Online Expressive Art Competition.



The purpose of this art competition is to raise awareness about human trafficking through art.


You don’t need to be a professional artist.
You don’t need any technical ability.


By making an artwork in response to human trafficking, you are helping raise awareness through creativity. We intend to make a large online exhibition of the entries.
This has potential to be the world’s largest online art-making collaboration, digital art competition & online art exhibition. Change lives by shining the light on human trafficking.


Entry requirements:

• We ask that you make an artwork in response to the theme human trafficking.

• Entries can be in any form of visual art: Whether you prefer to draw, paint, sketch, knit, crochet, collage or design – there are plenty of creative methods available that can be used to make art.
The point is to raise awareness and have a go. Whatever method you use is up to you.

• After creating your artwork, please take a high-resolution photograph of your artwork and upload and submit your entry on the AFA Expressive Art Competition Website.

Rules & Regulations:

• The original artwork that you have made is a piece of art in response to the theme human trafficking.

• Submissions must be an original piece made by you; your name will be accredited to being the author of the artwork that you submit.

• Submissions are a photograph or scan of your original artwork. By submitting your art work in your name – you are declaring that the submission is made by you, a real person, who holds the name you accredit to the submission. This is a legally binding declaration.

• Submission are to be uploaded through the AFA website in one of the following formats: jpg, png or scan.

• Deadline: November 18, 2020.

If you have any questions please contact our team: or alternatively you can contact the head of the AFA Art Competition:

Thank you for taking the time to enter the AFA Expressive Arts Competition!



Head of Competition



Submissions are now open!

To enter, click here

Together we can make a difference!