BETWEEN AFA Online Film Festival and the Digital Gate Festival for Short Film


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Posted by Domum Festival on Tuesday, October 13, 2020


The Digital Gate Festival for International Short Films signs an international partnership and cooperation agreement with the AFA Online film Festival in Atlanta, the capital of the state of Georgia in the United States of America.


This agreement provides for coordination and cooperation between the two festivals and the nomination of the president of the jury of the Digital Gate Festival for Short Film, Mr. Bouchaib El Messaoudi (Morocco) as part of the jury of the AFA Online film festival.

The director and founder of the Digital Gate Festival for Short Film, Mr. Dalil Belkhoudir, added that according to the agreement, Mr. Tarik Akreyi (Iraqi Kurdistan), a permanent member of the international selection committee, and ambassador of the Digital Gate Festival for Short Film is a part of the AFA Online Film Festival selection committee, will be a member of the jury.

Mr. Habib Bawi Sajed from Iran, permanent international jury member and permanent ambassador of the festival, has also been appointed to be in charge of the AFA Photographie competition to collect the works of photographers who wish to participate in the parallel activities of the AFA Film Online film Festival in the United States of America from November 21 to 23. 2020, under the theme of human trafficking.

The appointment of Ms. Sarah Graham Read (New Zealand) Permanent Ambassador of the International Digital Gateway Short Film Festival as the head of the art competition, which will be held in parallel with the AFA International Online Festival for collecting high quality images and works .

It was presented to the American partner, that Mr. Mohamed Mdjahed, from Morocco, member of the international jury of the Digital Gate Festival and permanent ambassador in Morocco, was in charge of collecting videos related to choreographic performances in another activity that was held in parallel with the AFA Online Film Festival.

Mr. Dalil Belkhoudir, director and founder of the International Short Film Festival, announced the nomination of Mr. Berabeh Nour Eddine from Algeria, permanent member of the international jury in the Digital Gate Festival, as the person responsible for collecting the films participating in this cultural event.

Invitations will be extended to two members of the AFA Festival administration to attend the Digital Gate Festival activities for the short film scheduled for April 2021, knowing that the festival takes place by default every month and is now in its seventh session.

The Atlanta filmmakers alliance, also officially announced honorary membership for all members of the various standing committees of the International Digital Gateway Short Film Festival.