Gangs Using Child Trafficking For Profit

A vice detective of the San Diego Police Department informed an anti-trafficking representative that the issue of gang involvement in modern day slavery is growing. Every month, at least 10 to 20 groups or individuals are added to the department’s watch list. Since this number only represents those that are discovered by the police, the actual number of those involved is likely far greater.

The tragedy is that children have become a commodity to gangs that are selling them as property to adults for abuse and rape. There is a shift of gang activity away from selling drugs to selling human beings. When comparing the legal risk between the two crimes, it is evident that the penalties for child trafficking is far less than that of drug trafficking. Moreover, there is essentially no overhead cost involved with modern day slavery. The fact is that gangs are using children for sexual purposes to profit. This type of action not only dehumanizes the kids that are being bought and sold, but completely violates the natural rights afforded to them under the constitution.