Giselle Malluche | Secretary

Giselle Malluche was brought up for most of her early years in an orphanage and by foster parents on a farm in a small village in Southern Germany. She has an extensive background in the medical field, which has been the driving factor that has led her to make positive change throughout her life and her community. She is a registered nurse and owns several medical patents.

Malluche is also the founder of Change to Humanity, A nonprofit 501(c)3 organization based in Atlanta Georgia with a mission to rehabilitate the homeless. During her time, Malluche has designed and established workforce training programs and maintained social community and government relationships. She’s always had the dream to one day make a difference in the life of so many who feel lost, neglected and rejected. She realized her dream could actually become reality. She’s found that calling through the Atlanta Filmmakers Alliance and her nonprofit