Tonya Grace | Founder/Chief Executive Director

Tonya Grace is the Founder and Board Chairperson of the Atlanta Film Alliance. As a philanthropist with a demonstrated commitment to Atlanta’s nonprofit community, an Army Reserves veteran, and a film producer, Grace brings a unique perspective and passion to independent film and the AFA. In addition, Grace is a certified Georgia educator with a speciality in at-risk youth and underserved communities; she continues to teach 10th and 11th grades, connecting her zeal for film with her purpose, educating and empowering at-risk youth. Grace is also the founder of the Buy 4 Blacks Initiative, which emphasizes support within Atlanta’s Black community, and is a licensed “Genius Is Common” speaker.

Thirteen years ago, Grace launched a freelance filmmaking career to feed her need for a creative outlet. As she became more passionate about the process of filmmaking, Grace realized the need for more structured support for independent film within her community. In 2013, she founded the Atlanta Filmmakers Alliance. The perfect confluence of her passion and purpose, the AFA aims to advance and support disadvantaged and at-risk communities through independent filmmaking; the organization has supported over 20 projects each year since its conception.

In addition to her work with the AFA, Grace serves on two other nonprofit boards, Change to Humanity and Touch of Light Ministries. She also contributes to and conducts filmmaking workshops with Georgia State University and Atlanta Comic Con.